An Angel

This is my imaginary conversation

I ask God for water He gives me the rain
I ask God for light He gives me the abundance sun light
I ask God for friends He gives me a lot of inspiring people surround me

When I ask God for soul mate He gives me you for being my wife …
I wonder why her ?
So I ask God, “Why her, dear God ?”….
God answer “I thought you ask for an angel”

And than I realize that you are truly my angel,
Thank you so much for always beside me in good time and bad time
Thank you so much for your patience and your tender love

I will say “you are truly complete me”
Wish we always together forever more, fulfill with faith, love and care
Till death do us a part

Bumi Asri 2:28am,
Dedicated for the most beautiful women who always beside me in bad time and in good time


4 thoughts on “An Angel

  1. you’re such a lucky guy… God gave you a beautiful angel…An angel from the heaven. You should take care your lovely angel. There’s no duplicate angel like her in this world.

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