5 ways to stay active during your workday when it’s too dark and cold for walking meetings


Nilofer Merchant (TED Talk: Got a meeting? Take a walk) urges you to trade sit-down one-on-one meetings for walking meetings. But as the northern hemisphere enters the darker months, sedentary workers face a challenge: what to do when it’s cold out? Below, five ways to stay active during a winter workday.

1. Stand up.

Simply standing instead of sitting for at least part of the day will do you a lot of good. For a month, Dan Kois committed to spending every day exclusively on his feet, except when he drove to work, went to the bathroom, tied his shoes or slept. He wrote about the experience earlier this year for New York Magazine, noting “if you sit down more than 11 hours a day, one study suggests, you’re 40 percent more likely to die in the next three years.” Kois stood at meals, all day as he worked, and in meetings with his…

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